The Power of eLearning

When used properly, eLearning modules can drastically reduce the instructor effort required to deliver training, and simultaneously increase the student’s retention of the topic.

At P&G we were faced with a shortage of qualified instructors to support a global implementation of OMP+ Advanced Planning and Scheduling software. Our solution was to develop eLearning modules that allowed students to learn the basics of operating the software at their own pace.

Completion of all eLearning units was a requirement for attending the instructor led sessions.
The result was a 50% reduction in the instructor led training time and better retention of the material by the students.

The instructor led class could focus on the difficult topics that required interaction between the students and instructors. Student’s time became more efficient since they entered the class having already learned the basics of the software.

Additionally, this approach enabled offering remote training classes open to anyone anywhere in the world, further economizing on instructor time.

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